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HEADWALK T-SHIRT (one offs/extras)

HEADWALK T-SHIRT (one offs/extras)

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this was my first time printing any of these myself, and I made a few with black ink to see what would happen - graphic is even more illegible/iykyk

punk print, no misprint

only about 7 total 

screen printed on comfort colors 1717, AA1301 or gildan hammer 

free sticker with every order

January 20th, 2005: Virgin Megastore, New York

“That wasn’t untypical of our shows, as far as Greg running into the crowd and climbing over people,” Weinman reflects. “What was great about that one was that we were playing in the book section of the store, and people were coming down the escalator expecting to pick up a book and have a quiet cup of coffee in the café. But when they realized what was happening, you could see them actually turning around and trying to run back up the escalator to get away from us.” - Rolling Stone 


*sizes 3-4xl may be substituted to a different blank depending on availability 

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